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  • Handbags Buying Guide

    Handbags Buying Guide

    Handbags are not just used for holding items of a daily need but they also have a tendency to make a strong fashion statement. A handbag can transform the whole personality of a woman and also complement her apparel...... [read more]

    Published by: Jerry Kim on Nov 07 2013

  • Different Types of Bags

    Different Types of Bags

    The handbag is the women’s best friend. It always stays with her regardless of any occasion. Just like man is incomplete without a wallet, a woman is also incomplete without a handbag. Handbags are not just only a fashion statement for them but a vital accessory. They need it to keep their valuable ... [read more]

    Published by: Jolanta Boyd on Apr 02 2013

  • Top 10 Handbags Brands

    Top 10 Handbags Brands

    Having a handbag was need sometimes before but now it’s a big deal for women to hang around the luxurious and fashionable handbags so the fashion designers have great sense about these stories and after all they come up with latest to latest fashionable handbags in market. These handbags are quite l... [read more]

    Published by: Meena Kashi on Feb 04 2013

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